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  • Rattling Flight

    ‚rattling flight‘ – a video/installation performance piece – shown at ‚wanderlust‘ at 48 stunden neuköln. 17th of June 2011 at limbus europae gallery, Berlin.

    A 6 min performance piece called ‚rattling flight‘.

    video/sound/installation/performance by Daniela Gast


    Photo by Elsa Thorp


    Photo by Elsa Thorp


    Photo by Elsa Thorp


    Photo by Elsa Thorp

    Finally my eyes roll up the hill

    Video/Installation/Concept by Daniela Gast

    Sound Design/Performance: Ana Lola Roman

    Choreography: Iain Rowe & Roman

    Live Performance at Judson Memorial Church, New York, 20. April 2011

    Sacred – no – sacred vibrations ring a bell: Denial of war between you and me and me and him and you and her and all of us, this performance/video/sound piece is no wonder no question no answer no legislation no power no gender. It’s no more no.


    45 min performance/video/sound installation in K-Salon in Berlin, October 2010


    dance/performance: Daniela Gast, Alexa Wilson

    music/sound: Sinah Blohberger, Veronica Mota, Ana Lola Roman

    concept/video/installation: Daniela Gast


    Foto: Susanne Husemann (K-Salon)


    Foto: Susanne Husemann (K-Salon)


    Foto: Susanne Husemann (K-Salon)


    Foto: Susanne Husemann (K-Salon)


    Foto: Susanne Husemann (K-Salon)


    Foto: Susanne Husemann (K-Salon)


    Foto: Susanne Husemann (K-Salon)

    Karl is coming later

    In the installation „Karl is coming later!“ I am bouncing off the term „Verwertung“ to reach for a space and moment away from labour and political thought. Site specific to Stadtbad Wedding in Berlin and the exhibition Verwertung-interdisciplinary arts festival (25.6-4.7.2010), this is a piece of exploiting video, sound, object and space to produce a story of ‚innocent‘ value. This installation happened in the cellars of the former public pool Stadtbad Wedding and could only be viewed through a pipe.

    video/sound/installation: Daniela Gast

    Elective Feast

    Elective Feast is a 13 min performance/video/sound/installation first shown at the Art Fair Berlin at Kindl Brewery in Neuköln, Berlin, September 2009, during the time of the german election.

    sound/performance: Ana Lola Roman
    concept/sound/video/installation: Daniela Gast

    Video below is a mix of the original video footage and parts of the live performance.



    Foto: José Bäßler


    Foto: José Bäßler


    Foto: José Bäßler


    Foto: José Bäßler


    Foto: José Bäßler

    2nd showing: 9.-11.Juli 2010

    ‘Elective Feast’ III- installation/video-only, 13 min, Video/Installation as part of ‚The incredible 10‘, Experimental Art & Music Festival, Dresden, see video documentation HERE