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    15 min performance-music-video piece at Multiraid Istanbul 2016, at Peyote, Istanbul, March 2016.

    Electronic Music and Viola by Utku Öğüt.
    Live Performance and Visuals by Daniela Gast


    Multiraid Istanbul 2016 from Daniela Gast on Vimeo.

    Zu Gast

    7. August- 28. August 2015: multi media solo exhibition in  ‚made in Wedding‘, Berlin

    Video, Performance, Sculpture and Photography by Daniela Gast




    zu Gast from Daniela Gast on Vimeo.


    portfolio Daniela Gast

    portfolio-DanielaGast- from Daniela Gast on Vimeo.

    Video-Work Collage 2010-2014

    work collage 2010-2014 from Daniela Gast on Vimeo.

    The old house in Gorga

    A performance at an almost 200 year old abandoned house in Gorga, in the province of Salerno in south-western Italy, recorded in december 2013
    both videoclips are layered unedited in their timing
    the sound is recorded live from the church in Stio a town close by a couple of weeks before Christmas 2013
    video/performance Daniela Gast


    The old house in Gorga from Daniela Gast on Vimeo.

    desire & satisfaction

    20th of september 2013
    presented at NK Project Berlin as part of the event RUINS: URBE-BERLIN A Psychogeographic Investigation.

    In a multilayered performance narrative of 15 minutes desire and satisfaction are conceptual anchors in this piece set and related to Berlin.
    Through video projection, sound, object, the character of a performing hedgehog (myself) and live play on a psaltery this piece pierces through personal and historical high and low points relating to Desire and Satisfaction within the time frame of 1976 until 2013.

    Photo by Laura Fusato

    Photo by Laura Fusato


    desire & satisfaction from Daniela Gast on Vimeo.

    in between flames

    1st-28th of July 2013

    As part of a 4-week scholarship at the art residency Earthskin Muriwai in New Zealand I created this 15min performance piece and presented it at the residency. The piece ‘In between flames’ is a meta performance considering the content and the technical possibilities I am using. Based on research on moths, and personification of human emotional chararcteristics, the 15min performance tells an abstracted story from the perspective of a moth.










    14th-16th of June 2013

    In collaboration with Daniel James, live stream performance from Wellington to Berlin as part of the 48 Stunden Neukölln Artsfestival, streamed at the attic of Creativ-Centrum Neuköllner Leuchtturm.



    Foto by Truong Ngu



    Foto by Truong Ngu

    Foto by Truong Ngu



    „The Marginalized Limb“ Catherine Feeny cover

    3rd of may 2013
    submission for Catherine Feeny cover Art Competition
    https://soundcloud.com/tv-syd-dk https://soundcloud.com/macaco-mau

    visuals by Daniela Gast



    15min live performance piece ‘Cut’ as part of ‘Harvest’ (organised by Sandra Sarala)

    28th March 2013
    shown at the audio foundation Auckland, New Zealand

    19th March 2013
    shown at the Bats-Theatre, Understudy, Wellington, New Zealand