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    • November: video poem Istanbul 2-0-1-6, collaboration with writer Rowan Sylva
    • March: live-performance/video NET, collaboration with musician Utku Öğüt, presentation at Multiraid, Peyote, Istanbul, Turkey
    • August 7th-28th: 1st solo exhibition Zu Gast, video, performance, sculpture and photography in gallery‚ Made in Wedding, Berlin, Germany
    • April 28th/29th: performance workshop with MA students, National College of Art & Design, Dublin, Ireland
    • March 2nd– April 10th and May 11th– June 19th: performance workshop with retirees, Kaiser Wilhelm-und Augusta Stiftung, Berlin, Germany
    • January 28th – February 27th: performance workshop with youths, Zukunftsbau GmbH, Projects for school distant children at MOVE, Berlin, Germany
    • December: video art, álom, dance/music/video projection, collaboration with Kokomini Nemesi, Tivadar Nemesi, Alexander Skoczowsky) at Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Berlin, Germany
    • September 19th-21st: Lacuna, solo project, shown at the flexiff film festival, Sydney; Australia
    • May 30th: video projections at Keller, Berlin Germany
    • April: performance, sound, video at Keller,Berlin, Germany
    • July 27th/28th: Videos: Foetus Rising, Register, Hidden Cracks shown at the art/music festival Camp Tipsy, Germany
    • July 21st: video: Foetus Rising created for and shown at FŒTUS FROLICS FESTIVAL (Music-Arts Festival), presented by Urban Arts Berlin and Corpo 6, at Corpo 6 gallery, Berlin,Germany
    • June 22nd: solo performance/video The North at Berlin Compass, Summer Solstice Event, Club der polnischen Versager, Berlin, Germany
    • June 16th: solo live performance eggs in one basket as part of the 48h Neukölln Artfestival, at 129 Gallery, Berlin, Germany
    • 15th-17th of June: installation/sound/object/video Paradise as part of 48h Neukölln, Artfestival, in the attic of Creative-Centre Neuköllner Leuchtturm, Berlin, Germany
    • April 29th: live solo performance/video/sound collage: Talking To A Wall presented at the event 3+3, Multiversal, at Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin, Germany
    • April 22nd: solo live performance/video and sound collage Register presented at the collective exhibition Torso curated by Urban Arts Berlin, at Galerie Futura, Germany
    • February 25th: solo live performance, video and sound collage once it’s out there presented as part of a transcontinental sound and performance event at The Zone, Berlin, Germany
    • February 4th: video art at Melodie – die Kunst des Anderen, directed by Daniel Daoudi, Korsobad, Berlin, Germany
    • September 25th: room installation/performance Elective Feast, in collaboration with Ana Lola Roman, Art Fair Berlin, Kindl Brewery, Berlin; Germany
    • July 10th/11th: video, Im Zuge der Zeit, presented at The incredible 10, FriedrichStadtZentral, Dresden, Germany
    • June 21st: video Nine, in collaboration mit Ptp Prendergast, presented at backup–shortfilm-festival Weimar, Germany
    • May 27th: video Weimar- Gefühle in Bildern, presented at Salve Tv First Cut, Weimar, (Kamakura Projekt- ein Gruß an Japan), Germany
    • March 1st: video Nine, in collaboration with Ptp Prendergast presented at Urban Being Instability Identity, K:ta Gallery, Kunstprojekt: International Temporary Art, Berlin, Germany
    • December 19th: performance und video, collaboration mit Natalie Bowers, Zohar Frank, Raisa Kröger, Katharina Meyer, Kunsthaus GlogauAir, Berlin, Germany
    • 21.-22 July & 26.-29. July: performance in Still Lives – good work productions cie Isabelle Schad, Sophiensaele, Berlin, Germany

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